Cee Stanley 

 September 29, 2020

Clarenda "Farmer Cee" Stanley is a fourth-generation farmer, originally from the Black Belt region of Alabama. She did not set out in life to follow on her family's agrarian path. But in 2017, she found herself returning to her roots as the CEO of Green Heffa Farms (GHF), a medicinal plant and hemp farm in Liberty, NC. Governed by its 4Es commitment to Environmental stewardship, Equity, Education, and Economic empowerment, GHF seeks to create a replicable model farm focused on equipping BIPOC women with the skills and resources they need to building thriving boutique farming businesses and brands.

As one of the first Black women to be licensed to grow and process hemp in North Carolina, she was selected as the 2019 Featured Farmer for Hemp History Week, the nation's largest grassroots campaign for the federal legalization of industrial hemp. She has been featured in more than 200 national and international publications, including Oprah O Magazine, and is a well-sought after speaker at national conferences. An award-winning fundraising and marketing professional, she also serves as a global director of development for The Nature Conservancy. The first and lone Black to serve in this capacity, Cee manages a global portfolio of high net worth donors. She is also playing a key role in developing the organization's first philanthropic inclusion program, helping to make conservation more inclusive and reflective of the world we live in.


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