Devora Kimelman-Block 

 February 7, 2020

Devora Kimelman-Block is the founder and CEO of KOL Foods. KOL Foods balances her family’s modern and traditional values. Before she established KOL Foods in 2007, there was no kosher meat that she trusted for her kids. Wanting to feed them healthy, ethically-raised, regenerative meat from farms, not factories inspired her business. For the first 12 years of my adult life, she had no choice but to have a vegetarian kitchen because no such meat was available on the kosher market.

Since its inception, KOL Foods has championed the belief that transparency and honesty aren't just industry ideals - they are necessities for a healthy society. To this day, KOL Foods remains the most transparent kosher meat company: it tells your meat’s true story. KOL Foods values people and planet. Its goal is to provide honest, healthy, humane, regenerative and delicious kosher meat and connect people to tradition, to the land, to a sustainable future, and to good health for friends and family.


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