Erik Bruun Bindslev 

 April 26, 2019

Erik is the founder of MERIKA, London. He is also a brand advisor and venture partner.

MERIKA Advisory has decades long experience with FOOD businesses connected to SOIL & PURPOSE. Our projects have included seismic social engagement movements like Meat Free Mondays, innovative brand development, and ground-breaking national and international go-to-market strategies, implementation and operation.Our goal is to help organisations fully realize their potential by connecting them to their aspirations and to the values of their stakeholders, amplifying their reach and social impact while creating resilient and ultimately, regenerative business models.  

Since 2002 Erik have been part of creating some of the most visionary family businesses driving impact and change in the global food industry. His work includes establishing Duchy Originals for HRH Prince of Wales, Daylesford Organic for Lady and Lord Bamford, a relaunch of Linda McCartney Foods for Sir Paul McCartney and daughters and the establishment of the Meat Free Monday movement.
Erik is a creative strategist layered with decade-long, solid commercial and operational experience. He has a proven track record and unique ability navigate global market diversity with the aim of connecting impact Brands with consumers.


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