Erin Heitkamp is the Managing Director of Strategy, Sustainability & Assurance for Pipeline Foods. She has worked in the fields of environmental management and sustainability for more than 18 years. Immediately prior to joining Pipeline, Erin led the sustainability consulting practice at Wenck, a Minnesota- based environmental consulting ESOP. In her most recent role at Delta Air Lines, Erin led the development and execution of environmental and sustainability policy and strategy. Prior to the Delta-NWA merger, she held positions in the area of environmental regulatory oversight, fuel and fuel services purchasing, and corporate real estate while at Northwest Airlines. Erin holds a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin- Madison and a Master’s in Environmental Management (M.E.M) from Yale University. Her family includes her husband, Christopher, and daughters, Luna and Ruby, and she enjoys traveling, reading, gardening, running and community.


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