Isaac Nichelson 

 April 4, 2019

An innovative leader and progressive entrepreneur with 25 years of apparel industry experience. Isaac is known for propelling cutting-edge product and market innovation in the realms of sustainability and circular resource efficiency. 

Nichelson is widely regarded as an agent of change through his work to help transform the fashion industry. He has been focused on propelling cutting-edge sustainability for more than 20 years. He has successfully built and led several brands and manufacturers to industry-wide notoriety.

In 2007, California Apparel News dubbed Nichelson “Eco-Johnny Appleseed” due to his growing reputation for being a very passionate and committed early-stage promoter of sustainable textiles and fashion. 

Isaac possesses a comprehensive fashion industry knowledge base. Extending from the origins of fiber, to yarn and textile formation, product M&D--- all the way through the branding, marketing, global distribution and leadership of fashion and textile companies. 

A visionary creative leader, connector, and communicator, Isaac collaborates regularly with product/sustainability leadership and C-suite operators of most of the worlds major apparel brands, as well as working closely with the leadership of many global NGO’s.

In 2017, Isaac had the honor to be listed as an expert contributor to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Circular Fiber Initiative Report, and is regarded as a thought leader in the realm of circularity/sustainability. 

As co-founder and CEO of Circular Systems, Isaac and his team are raising the bar for systems designed to generate only beneficial impacts to societies, the environment, and economics. Isaac has at times been regarded as a force of nature, but if you ask him, he is just working for nature.


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