John-Paul Maxfield 

 May 12, 2019

In 2009, founder John-Paul Maxfield left the world of private equity without a clear plan for his future. He did know that idealism and capitalism can coexist. John-Paul didn’t know what the next 9 years (and three kids later) would look like, but he did know that building a company with strong, regenerative values can be a powerful lever for addressing emerging social and environmental needs. That’s why he founded Waste Farmers and is hell bent on building the biggest and most responsible conglomerate in the history of mankind. Acknowledged as one of Denver Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40, “Fifty for the Future” by the Colorado Statesman, and the “Top of the Town Environmentalist” by 5280, John-Paul’s purpose is “to build one of the greatest, most responsible companies that’s ever been built.” 

Within the Waste Farmers family of brands lives Batch 64, a self-organized cannabis cultivation solutions partner that provides a unified platform for premium, responsibly-sourced growing media and plant nutrition, allowing the world’s leading cannabis producers to scale efficiently and consciously. Batch 64 believes that cannabis is a gateway to reconnect people to the natural world, and to other forms of agriculture, that’s why Batch 64 designs solutions and products through the ethos of trust, consistency in craftsmanship and innovation. 

Additionally, John-Paul helped form the Colorado Americana Band, Coal Town Reunion. The band’s approach to music is simple, write honest songs and play the hell outta them. CTR just recently released a new album entitled "Stories We Tell" and 303 Magazine declares that the album “shines through with the notion that this band has not only the ability, but the aspiration to push the boundaries and create a product that changes the way the listener perceives them.” John-Paul notes that songwriting is an extension of his creative process and many of the themes relevant to the purpose of Waste Farmers, Batch 64 and the journey of being an entrepreneur make their way into many of CTR's songs.

Prior to starting Waste Farmers, John-Paul founded the “The Inspired Economy” now known as “The Inspired Economist” in 2005, a blog focused on covering the people, places, ideas and technologies inspiring positive change and redefining capitalism. In addition, John-Paul founded the Cannabis Certification Council and co-founded the Cannabis Sustainability Symposium to develop higher standards within the cannabis industry and create a market for organic, clean, ethical and sustainable practices. John-Paul also served as an Associate at MBH, a private equity group specializing in small to mid-cap service companies. Prior to joining MBH, John-Paul was an analyst with Alvarez and Marsal, where he spent the majority of his time on a team that aided Louisiana’s Recovery School District with the restoration of public schools in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.


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