Lesley Roberts 

 October 28, 2020

Lesley Roberts is the founder of OceanParkStudio, a marketing and strategy firm that believes in the power of thoughtful ideas, creative vision, and clarity of purpose to achieve meaningful change and growth. She works and plays in the intersections between art, design, culture, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.

She is a co-founder and executive director of Textile Arts | Los Angeles, and a principal of licensing agency Count the Chickens. In 2019 she organized the Southern California chapter of Fibershed, where she encourages community building and economic opportunity between textile artists, designers, fiber farmers, mills, and retailers. The chapter seeks to empower wearers, farmers, artisans, and consumers to engage with and understand the soil-to-skin paradigm, and to deepen the sustainable textile conversation by directly connecting wearers to the biological context of their wardrobe. In support of this mission, the chapter has launched the 2021 Slow and Local Clothing Project.

Lesley has a BFA in Art History from UCLA and graduated from UCLA Anderson School’s Executive Education program.


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