Magdalena Urioste 

 November 27, 2019

Magdalena is an uncompromising and passionate custodian of Nature. She studied Agricultural Sciences at the University of the Republic of Uruguay and studied and lived in the US and France, working as a language teacher, interpreter, and translator. Over 30 years she dedicated her life to education and was deeply involved in early childhood and elementary education in Thailand and Vietnam, where she founded two international schools. She lives and works at “Valle Sol”, a regenerative ranch and farm in the beautiful Sierras of Maldonado, Uruguay, where she raises cattle, sheep, horses, and chickens, and grows organic vegetables for her family and the community. The farm serves as the demonstration and learning site of Pampa Oriental, the Savory Hub in Uruguay, dedicated to training and supporting the implementation of Holistic Management in the country. In 2019, she co-founded Pampeanas Regenerativas Orientales, a women network dedicated to promoting the regeneration of the Pampas grasslands and all its inhabitants.  She is a peaceful activist and works tirelessly to inform and support other ranchers and policymakers, particularly women, sharing her practical knowledge on all aspects of land, animal and human health.


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