Matthew Reynolds 

 February 5, 2018

Matthew Reynolds is acting President and Co-Founder of INDIGENOUS Organic + Fair Trade Fashion, a pioneer and leader in the areas of sustainable supply chain, fair trade, human rights, artisan community development, organic products, and the movement toward regenerative and sustainable solutions. Matthew’s path began as a child living throughout South America witnessing his father, a developmental economist, create opportunity for those who needed it most. The rich South American culture left an indelible impression and after a prosperous early career in retail, Matthew’s heart was searching for more. The longing ended in a marriage of retail acumen and compassion for the world’s diverse peoples and cultures; INDIGENOUS was born as a natural step in personal growth, and chosen path.

INDIGENOUS, a premium impact fashion and textile brand, is founded on the principles of ecologically friendly and socially responsible business practices striving to appropriately scale indigenous/minority entrepreneurs in economically marginalized communities. The work and design of INDIGENOUS has contributed over $37 million to a regenerative cottage industry production model that supports indigenous artisans, family owned farmers and organic agriculture.

Matthew deepens his passionate impact by advising social & environmental change-makers in the business world while fostering, mentoring, and connecting the next wave of business leaders in a productive, green, and circular economy. An example of Matthew’s broad impact is the collaborative development of a revolutionary production financing model with Root Capital for fair trade knitting cooperatives in Central and South America, which in turn financed many different cottage industry programs.


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