Sara Harper 

 January 2, 2017

Sara has been described by friends as “a force of nature.” She is a passionate advocate for great ideas and great people — and is dedicated to the hard work of building unlikely alliances to solve society’s toughest challenges.  Sara’s background as a competitive persuasive and extemporaneous speaker throughout high school in rural Kansas and in college at Kansas State University gave her a deep understanding of both how to construct a good argument and how to convince others to consider it.

Over the past 20 years, Sara has developed deep expertise in the intersecting areas of agriculture and climate change — and of business and sustainability.  She has earned the trust of a broad strategic network — working as a top legislative staffer on agricultural and environmental issues in the U.S. Senate, building alliances between farmers, environmentalists and Republicans for the non-profit organization Environmental Defense Fund and working as a food and ag sustainability consultant in the private sector.

In 2017, Sara launched the Noble Growth Network — a unique resource platform dedicated to consumer engagement and accelerating the growth of ‘better for us all’ food.  Powered by a team of talented professionals from across multiple business sectors, the company’s goal is to increase the market share of noble food and farm businesses.

To do this, Noble Growth Network facilitates business relationships between farmers and natural food brands, provides affordable access to triple bottom line assessment and management expertise and engages directly with consumers through social media and live events.  Just like challenger brands have disrupted the food system, Noble Growth is disrupting the traditional business development and consulting model for the food industry — and Sara is leading the charge


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