Silencia Cox 

 April 3, 2016

Silencia Cox is the inspiration for, and now CEO of Motherlove Herbal Company, a family business that began in a Colorado Rockies meadow and has grown into an international leading manufacturer of organic herbal products for pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. Motherlove was started by Silencia’s mother, Kathryn Higgins, an herbalist, when she began incorporating wild plants into her daily life for food and medicine while pregnant with Silencia.

Silencia grew up helping her mother pick herbs in the area surrounding their mountain home in Northern Colorado’s Rist Canyon, and at an early age learned about their healing properties. Kathryn, with Silencia by her side, created Motherlove’s first line of products around their kitchen table and began selling them at local markets.

Now, 30 years later, Motherlove products continue to be made in Fort Collins, Colorado, and can be found in specialty retailers, hospitals, pharmacies, and natural food stores in over 40 countries. The scope of the operation has increased dramatically, but Silencia continues to honor Kathryn’s dedication to producing all-natural products in a sustainable manner. Motherlove uses certified organic herbs, is a zero-waste manufacturing facility, is a Certified B Corporation, and gives 1% of its revenue to local non-profit organizations.

Silencia has worked for Motherlove in some capacity for as long as she can remember. She began by hand collecting herbs at a young age, learned to process them into Motherlove’s signatures products, worked in the shipping department and was the wholesale accounts manager, all before leaving for college. After graduating from Colorado State University, she returned to working full-time at Motherlove and spent a few years traveling around the country teaching people about the products, medicinal herbs, and sharing her dedication to being a good steward of the earth. In 2013, Silencia became Vice President of Motherlove and after Kathryn’s retirement in 2016, she took over as CEO.

When she isn’t at work, Silencia can often be found out enjoying the mountains, exploring other countries or spending time on Motherlove’s 120-acre organic farm outside of Fort Collins.


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