Regenerative Earth Summit


Oct 29 & 30, 10am-2pm MT

"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world."

– John Muir


The Regenerative Earth Summit is returning this year with a 4 event series focused on accelerating the conversation from regenerative learning to regenerative action—from the why to the how. Regenerative Rising is re-imagining this series of highly engaging 2-day virtual summits as an opportunity to engage regenerative leaders in a co-creational effort, focused on addressing key obstacles to regenerative implementation. With keynote speakers and working groups digging in on issues across the supply chain from farm to finished product, local to global, the summit’s goal is to collectively identify challenges and employ our community’s unique genius to accelerate working solutions that drive real-world results.

This first event of four in our 2020/21 series is on October 29 and 30, 2020, and will focus on regenerative leadership within the contexts of organizational, community, and global efforts and how to lead and influence your organization to implement regenerative principles. 


The Regenerative Earth Summit offers a unique opportunity to not only learn more about the implementation of regenerative principles in the business community, but to help create solutions to the current industry-wide bottlenecks that restrict broader adoption.  Through inspiring keynote content and panel discussions, we’ll seed the framework and set the stage for multi-stakeholder discussions that lead to profound insights and workable solutions in the name of a brighter agricultural future.  These working groups will focus on finance, supply chain, regulatory, farming, technology, marketing and much more.  This is an opportunity to connect with other industry leaders, to create collaborative solutions and to help steer the next step in the regenerative evolution!


The Regenerative Earth Summit convenes visionary leaders from the food and fashion industries, farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, investors, activists, and academics working collaboratively to tackle the audacious vision of shifting how agriculture is practiced. With mindfulness practice, interactive working sessions, Regenerative Slams, and panel conversations, colleagues will generate ideas and actionable steps to change the status quo and bring new vigor and rigor to sourcing and partnerships across sectors.  By working collaboratively across and within industry sectors, we accelerate the systems change we need to see in a regenerative future.

If you are bold, impassioned catalyst for change — this event welcomes YOU.


Mary McCarthy

Principal Strategist at Forum for the Future

Mary is a Principal Strategist for Forum for the Future and focuses on Forum’s sustainable nutrition work aimed at transforming the agricultural system to deliver regenerative ecosystems, provide nutritious food, and improve farmer livelihoods. Mary leads Forum’s efforts to accelerate the transition to regenerative agriculture in the US by... Read More

Martin Lemos

Co-Executive Director, National Young Farmers Coalition

Martin comes to the Coalition with a diverse background in sustainable agriculture and food systems. His experience includes directing farm operations at the Green Earth Institute, serving as senior agronomist and project manager in Ghana for the impact investment organization AgDevCo, coordinating local food systems programs in Brooklyn, and most... Read More

Lauren Yarmuth

Special Project, Stone Barns Center

Lauren joined Stone Barns Center as Executive Director in 2019, and is
currently spearheading a special project sponsored by Stone Barns Center that is
focused on the intersection of regeneration, social justice and health.

Trained as an architect, but seasoned as an entrepreneur, Lauren’s... Read More

Laura Storm

Founder, Regenerators

Laura is an international keynote speaker, author, advisor and expert on sustainability leadership and has spent her entire career advising global leaders on sustainability and building impact- and purpose-driven organizations, and movements. All have they focused on the global transformation to sustainability and they include the Copenhagen Climate Council, the World Business Summit on... Read More


Danielle Nierenberg
In 2013, Danielle Nierenberg co-founded Food Tank with Bernard Pollack, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on building a global community[...]
Pete Dignan
Pete Dignan works with purpose-driven organizations to implement more adaptive, human-centered ways working. He is the founder of Ever Better, a[...]
Patrick Robinson
A celebrated American designer with more than 25  years of experience in the fashion industry in  America and Europe Born[...]
Paul Dolan
First as winemaker and president of Fetzer Vineyards, and now as CEO of Truett Hurst, fourth-generation winemaker Paul Dolan has[...]
John D. Liu
After 15 years as a Television Producer and Cameraman for CBS News, RAI and ZDF John began to study ecology.[...]
Felipe Villela
Felipe is a Brazilian environmental entrepreneur and Founder of reNature. A Dutch/Brazilian organization with extensive knowledge & experience in Regenerative[...]
Gina Asoudegan
Gina Asoudegan is Vice President of Mission and Regenerative Agriculture at Applegate, the nation’s leading natural and organic meat brand.[...]
Philip Taylor
Philip Taylor, Ph.D. is executive director of Mad Agriculture, which he co-founded with his life partner, Nicole Brinks, to create[...]
John Fullerton
John Fullerton is the founder and president of Capital Institute, a collaborative working to illuminate how our economy and financial[...]
Tre’ Cates
Consulting with organizations in a variety of industries across 6 continents and 35 countries, Tré has proven to be indispensable[...]


Elizabeth Candelario

Advisory Board, Regenerative Rising & Owner, Studio Airstream

Elizabeth Candelario has worked in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors and believes passionately in the role of business to drive social mission. She is an innovator and a social entrepreneur, and has broad experience in agriculture and climate change.

Most recently, Elizabeth served as President of Demeter USA, a member of Demeter International, the oldest ecological certification... Read More

Tre' Cates

Founder & Managing Partner, nRhythm

Consulting with organizations in a variety of industries across 6 continents and 35 countries, Tré has proven to be indispensable in designing, developing, and implementing an organization’s purpose for the future. His industry experience is very diverse from the development of faith-based community organizations, a publicly-traded technology company, to a multi-national organization working in 20+ ... Read More


Thursday Oct 29, 2020

Time Zones are in Mountain Time (MST)

Welcome and introduction to the Regenerative Earth Summit 2020 Series

Elizabeth Candelario, Summit Activator & Advisory Board, Regenerative Rising

Regenerative Earth Summit Keynote & Q&A - The Big Why: The State of Regenerative Agriculture

Mary McCarthy, Principal Strategist, Forum for the Future

Martin Lemos, Co-Executive Director, National Young Farmers Coalition 

Regenerative Slam™ A Different Way of Thinking

Tre' Cates, Founder and Managing Director, nRhythm

Meet and Greet Networking Flow

Regenerative Earth Summit Keynote - Moving to the How

Laura Storm, Founder, Regenerators

Breakout Face to Face Chat Rooms for Discussion

Regenerative Slam™ 

John D. Liu, Founder and Chair of Ecosystem Restoration Camps, Filmmaker, & Ecologist

Personal Leadership Stories Panel with Q&A

John Fullerton, Founder & President, Capital Institute

David Vetter, President, Grain Place Foods Inc.

Danielle Nierenberg, President & Founder, Food Tank

Moderator: Philip Taylor, Co-founder, Mad Agriculture

Summit Roundup for Impact

Elizabeth Candelario, Summit Activator & Advisory Board, Regenerative Rising

Friday Oct 30, 2020

Time Zones are in Mountain Time (MST)

Welcome and setting the context for our time together

Elizabeth Candelario, Summit Activator & Advisory Board, Regenerative Rising

Regenerative Earth Summit Keynote - Leadership in the Regenerative Movement

Lauren Yarmuth, Special Project, Stone Barn Center

Regenerative Earth Summit Keynote

Farzana Serang, Executive Director, Castanea Fellowship

Regenerative Slam™ - Employing and Empowering Displaced Garment Workers 

Patrick Robinson, Founder & CEO, Paskho

Session Break

Regenerative Slam™ Show Don't Tell - The Business Case for Regenerative Leadership

Felipe Villela, Co-founder & COO, reNature

Regenerative Leadership Styles & Strategies Panel & Q&A

Patrick Robinson, Founder & CEO, Paskho

Paul Dolan, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Truett Hurst Wineary

Gina Asoudegan, VP of Mission & Regenerative Agriculture, Applegate

Moderator: Pete Dignan, Founder & Principal, Ever Better

Summit Roundup for Impact

Elizabeth Candelario, Summit Activator & Advisory Board, Regenerative Rising

“The insights we gained from the 2019 Regenerative Earth Summit inspired Nature's Crops to work with our grower partners to transition our focus from sustainable to regenerative practices for all our specialty crop contract production. Collectively this is about 10,000 acres of production, but as these practices become applied to the grower’s overall acreage, the total impact could well be in excess of 100,000 acres.”

– Andrew Hebard, President & CEO of Natures Crops International


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