Women Leading Regeneration on the Land

Oct 1, 12-3pm MT

"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish."

– Michelle Obama


The Women Leading Regeneration on the Land Summit is Regenerative Rising’s celebration of the spirit and power of women leading from within a diverse spectrum of industries and backgrounds. We will explore the vital role of women in designing organizations, businesses, and our own lives from a worldview of potentiality, and using relational, regenerative and holistic principles that foster the healing of the land and people. If bringing your values to the workplace, home, or daily practices and gaining insight into how to improve the positive impact of your brand or service matters, then join us. Women Leading Regeneration is different from any online conference you’ve attended. Why? Because your voice matters and is heard.


Women Leading Regeneration (WLR20) opens women and men to the myriad opportunities to collaborate across sectors, state boundaries and brand affiliations. The foundational focus of our shared work is harnessing the power of commerce to provide wellbeing to people and planet in every step from production to product so we restore and regenerate our land, air, water, communities, and biodiversity for generations to come.


Women Leading Regeneration draws from a diverse community of contributors and participants, which includes entrepreneurs, executives, farmers and ranchers, academics, investors, and innovators of all stripes. We are a tapestry of women and men who celebrate the rising leadership and influence of women in our communities, as pioneers and leaders. We are women and men who are ready to grow a movement for the regeneration of how we define leadership and the means to positively impact our world so all life thrives.


Judith D. Schwartz

Environmental Journalist and Author

Judith D. Schwartz is an author who tells stories to illuminate scientific concepts and nature-based solutions. A widely published journalist, she is the author of "Cows Save the Planet" and “Water In Plain Sight.” Her latest book, “The Reindeer Chronicles”, is a global tour of ecological restoration. Judith lives on the side of a mountain in southwestern Vermont.


Claire Wills Diquet & Gaëlle Bonnieux
GonneGirls Farm is in its first season. Gaëlle and Claire founded this little regenerative farm of 14ha produces vegetables and[...]
Cee Stanley
Clarenda "Farmer Cee" Stanley M.Ed is CEO of Green Heffa Farms, a medicinal plants and herb farm in Liberty, NC[...]
Christiana Musk
Christiana Musk is a food nerd and the founder of Flourish*ink, a platform for catalyzing conversations on the future of[...]
Anna Coughlan
My husband and I own properties in Southern NSW, Australia. We manage our cattle on Holistic Management principles, and have[...]
Cole Bush
A self-deemed ‘urban shepherdess’, Brittany Cole Bush, AKA Cole is a regenerative agriculture and land management specialist. Cole aids in[...]
Isidora Molina
Isidora is the Founder of Efecto Manada, the Chilean Hub of Savory Institute. She studied Veterinary Science, has a diploma[...]
Judith Schwartz
Judith D. Schwartz is an author who tells stories to illuminate scientific concepts and nature-based solutions. A widely published journalist,[...]
Wendy Millet
Wendy Millet brings 20+ years in conservation, a lifetime working with horses, and a passion for impact to her work[...]


Daniela Ibarra-Howell

Co-founder & CEO, Savory Institute

A native Argentinean, born and raised in Buenos Aires, Daniela is an agronomist by profession and holds a MS in Natural Resource Management and Economics. With over 25 years of international experience in ranching, Holistic Management, and collaborative ecosystem restoration programs, Daniela co founded with Allan Savory and other colleagues the Savory Institute in 2009, and became its CEO in 2011. Since then she has led her team in the design and implementation of a revolutionary... Read More


Thursday Oct 1, 2020

Time Zones are in Mountain Time (MST)

Welcome and setting the context for our time together

Daniela Ibarra-Howell, Co-founder and CEO, Savory Institute

Women Leading Regeneration Keynote - All We Can Regenerate

Judith D. Schwartz, Environmental Journalist and Author

Meet and Greet Networking Flow

Women Leading Regeneration Slam™

Christiana Musk, Founder, Flourish.ink

Breakout Face to Face Chat Rooms for Discussion

How does your story meet this conversation?

Session Break

Full Group Check-in

Women on The Land Panel with Q&A

Isidora Molina, Founder, Effecto Manada Holistic Management, Chile

Cole Bush, Owner-Operator, Shepherdess Land & Livestock Co
Wendy Millet, Director, TomKat Ranch

Anna Coughlan, Co-owner, Tarabah Pastoral, Southern NSW, Australia

Clarenda "Cee" Stanley, CEO, Green Heffa Farms

Claire Wills-Diquet, Co-owner, GonneGirls Farm, France

Moderator: Daniela Ibarra-Howell, Co-founder and CEO, Savory Institute

Summit Roundup for Impact - FACE to FACE Small Group Breakouts

Chat rooms with 4 other participants to share you takeaways and commitments

Adjourn & Close

Daniela Ibarra-Howell, Co-founder and CEO, Savory Institute

"I work in the global food and agriculture systems, and I have been looking for ways to grow my network outside of the (polarized) permaculture and commodity crops communities. This online gathering exceeded my expectations in every way."

– Emilie Hitch,

Anthropologist, strategist, permaculturalist


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