Lauren Yarmuth 

 October 16, 2020

Lauren Yarmuth joined Stone Barns Center as Executive Director in 2019, and is currently spearheading a special project sponsored by Stone Barns Center that is focused on the intersection of regeneration, social justice and health.

Trained as an architect, but seasoned as an entrepreneur, Lauren’s approach to change is grounded in the principles of regeneration. She is a systems-thinker with a bent for bringing together diverse stakeholders, and designing for widely
beneficial outcomes.

Before joining Stone Barns Center, Lauren served as Director of Circular Economy at IDEO where her work centered around the role of design in addressing issues such as waste, human behaviors, and business innovation.

Prior to IDEO Lauren co-founded YR&G (now WSP), a prominent global sustainability consultancy, which she ran for nearly a decade. She also served as faculty at Columbia University, where she taught a masters-level course on sustainable technologies. Lauren is a passionate educator and public speaker known for energizing a room as she explores provocative and varying ideas in an effort to make them real and personal. Lauren holds a degree in architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design.


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