Regenerative Earth Summit


Dec 1 & 2, 10am-2pm MT

"Though I am gone, I urge you to answer the highest calling of your heart and stand up for what you truly believe."

– John Lewis


The Regenerative Earth Summit 4 event series is accelerating the conversation from regenerative learning to regenerative action—from the why to the how.  We are offering the Summit as an opportunity for you to engage with other regenerative leaders in a creational effort, focused on addressing key obstacles to regenerative implementation.  

Our goal, through this 4-part series of content and collaboration, is to collectively clarify these obstacles and to employ our community’s unique genius in order to accelerate working solutions that drive real-world results.  

The second in the series, December 1 and 2, 2020, entitled Farm to Brand, will focus on the efforts, challenges, and collaborative opportunities that abound for farms and brands to drive greater implementation of regenerative production across their organizations. We'll address Metrics, Quantifying Impact, Farm - Brand Partnership, Regenerative Transitions and more! 


The Regenerative Earth Summit offers a unique opportunity to not only learn more about the implementation of regenerative principles in the business community, but to help create solutions to the current industry-wide bottlenecks that restrict broader adoption.  Through inspiring keynote content and panel discussions, we’ll seed the framework and set the stage for multi-stakeholder discussions that lead to profound insights and workable solutions in the name of a brighter agricultural future.  These working groups will focus on finance, supply chain, regulatory, farming, technology, marketing and much more.  This is an opportunity to connect with other industry leaders, to create collaborative solutions and to help steer the next step in the regenerative evolution!


The Regenerative Earth Summit convenes visionary leaders from the food and fashion industries, farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, investors, activists, and academics working collaboratively to tackle the audacious vision of shifting how agriculture is practiced. With mindfulness practice, interactive working sessions, Regenerative Slams, and panel conversations, colleagues will generate ideas and actionable steps to change the status quo and bring new vigor and rigor to sourcing and partnerships across sectors.  By working collaboratively across and within industry sectors, we accelerate the systems change we need to see in a regenerative future.

If you are bold, impassioned catalyst for change — this event welcomes YOU.


Carol Sanford

Senior Fellow for Social Innovation at Babson and Exec Producer of The Regenerative Paradigm Institute

Carol is an Educator and Social Change designer for people in change agents roles, organizational leaders who aspire to making a difference, business and organizational teams pursuing non-displaceability. Author of Five award winning best-selling books, including The Regenerative Life: Transform Any Organization, Our Society, Your Destiny, No More Feedback... Read More

Deanna Bratter

Senior Director of Public Benefit and Sustainable Development, Danone North America

Deanna Bratter is the Senior Director of Public Benefit and Sustainable Development for Danone North America, the largest public benefit corporation and the largest Certified B Corporation in the world. Deanna drives the company sustainability strategy and programs to support the interconnectivity between the health of people and the health of the planet, and works to amplify the positive impacts of..Read More


Bill Day
Bill Day has worked in the food industry for over 20 years, focusing on business models for specialty crops like[...]
June & Angie Provost
Wenceslaus Provost Jr., aka June, is a fourth generation farm owner. His extensive background of over 25 years in agriculture[...]
Rick Clark
Rick Clark is a 5 th generation farmer from Williamsport, IN. The main goal on Rick’s farm is to build[...]
Jesse Smith
Jesse is the Director of Land Stewardship for White Buffalo Land Trust and has been working for the past 7[...]
Cheryl Pinto
Cheryl Pinto leads Global Values Led Sourcing for Ben & Jerry’s, Vermont’s iconic, progressive ice cream company. As the company’s[...]
Bethany Davis
Bethany Davis is the Director of Advocacy and Government Affairs for MegaFood. She is the President for the Coalition for[...]
Martin Goter
Martin Goter is a certified Organic and Biodynamic farmer operating on just over 1000 acres near Woodworth, ND. Largely influenced[...]
Anna Jones-Crabtree
Anna and her husband Doug own and manage Vilicus Farms, a first generation, organic, 9,600 acre dryland crop farm in[...]
Kristy Lewis
Kristy Lewis is the Founder/CEO of Quinn Foods LLC, based in Louisville, CO.  Kristy, mom of three little boys, launched[...]
Jessie Deelo
Jessie Deelo founded Deelo Consulting Services to design and execute sustainable sourcing programs for suppliers and food companies. Building off[...]
Amy Brinker
Amy Brinker is the Sustainability Manager for Kamehameha Schools (KS).  In her role, she supports sustainability strategy and programming across[...]
Douglas Gayeton
In 2009 Douglas Gayeton founded the Lexicon alongside his partner and Laura Howard-Gayeton. The Lexicon’s Work work accelerates the adoption[...]
Kelsey Scott
Kelsey Scott is a fourth generation tribal rancher that calls the Cheyenne River Sioux Nation home. She’s the owner of[...]
Anne Digges
With backgrounds in architecture and publishing design Anne brings clear communication and bold impact to visual messaging. As principal and[...]
Jonathan Kaplan
Jonathan is the Global Director of Sustainability for Compass Group where he works to leverage the resources and ingenuity of[...]
Anna Bohbot
Anna V. Bohbot (Zulaica) is a Cal alum, Chef and cookbook author in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Anna is[...]
Doniga Markegard
Doniga Markegard is a wildlife tracker, regenerative rancher, speaker, and author. Her teen years in nature school started her on[...]
Jessica Chiartas
Jessica Chiartas is a PhD candidate in Soils & Biogeochemistry at the University of California, Davis.  Her research focuses on[...]
Wendell Gilgert
Wendell was born and raised in Northern California on a fourth generation family farm in eastern San Joaquin County.  Heavily[...]
Anthony Myint
Anthony Myint is a chef/food activist who co-founded and operates the non-profit Zero Foodprint and Mission Chinese Food (SF). His[...]
Chelsea Carey
Dr. Chelsea Carey is the Working Lands Research Director and Principal Soil Ecologist with Point Blue Conservation Science, a California-based[...]
Jeremiah McElwee
A twenty seven year veteran of the Natural Products industry, Jeremiah has been on all sides of the business and[...]
Zachary Angelini
Zack leads the development and implementation of Timberland’s global product sustainability strategy, setting public-facing goals and driving internal processes to[...]
Carol Sanford
Carol Sanford is the Senior Fellow of Social Innovation, Babson College; CEO, The Regenerative Paradigm Institute, Educator and Social Change designer for[...]
Krystle Moody Wood
Krystle Moody Wood is the founder and principal consultant of Materevolve, LLC ( pronounced mah-teer-ee-vaalv), a technical textile consultancy driven[...]
Erin Sojourner
 Erin is VP of Brand Strategy + Innovation with HB Specialty Foods and Among Friends. She serves on the board[...]
Ryan Zinn
Ryan Zinn manages Dr. Bronner’s international organic and fair trade supply chains in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Ryan has[...]
Pablo Munoz Ledo
Pablo is formerly the founder and leader of an integrated marketing group in Mexico City, in the early 90’s Pablo[...]
Deanna Bratter
Deanna Bratter is the Senior Director of Public Benefit and Sustainable Development for Danone North America, the largest public benefit[...]


Elizabeth Candelario

Advisory Board, Regenerative Rising & Owner, Studio Airstream

Elizabeth Candelario has worked in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors and believes passionately in the role of business to drive social mission. She is an innovator and a social entrepreneur, and has broad experience in agriculture and climate change.

Most recently, Elizabeth served as President of Demeter USA, a member of Demeter International, the oldest ecological certification... Read More

Tre' Cates

Founder & Managing Partner, nRhythm

Consulting with organizations in a variety of industries across 6 continents and 35 countries, Tré has proven to be indispensable in designing, developing, and implementing an organization’s purpose for the future. His industry experience is very diverse from the development of faith-based community organizations, a publicly-traded technology company, to a multi-national organization working in 20+ ... Read More


Tuesday Dec 1, 2020

Time Zones are in Mountain Time (MST)

Welcome and introduction to the Regenerative Earth Summit 2020 Series

Elizabeth Candelario, Summit Activator & Advisory Board, Regenerative Rising

Tre' Cates, Founder and Managing Director, nRhythm

Assessing and Designing for Regenerative Integrity Keynote & Q&A 

Carol Sanford, Senior Fellow for Social Innovation , Babson and Exec Producer, The Regenerative Paradigm Institute

Regenerative Slam™ - Timberland 2030 Goals: Learnings & Reflections

Zachary Angelini, Environmental Stewardship Manager,Timberland

Defining and Quantifying Impact Panel with Q&A

Kristy Lewis, Founder/CEO, Quinn Foods LLC

Bethany Davis, Director of Advocacy and Government Affairs, MegaFood

Cheryl Pinto,  Global Values Led Sourcing Manager, Ben & Jerry's

Ryan Zinn,  Regenerative Projects Manager, Dr. Bronners

Moderator: Tre' Cates, Founder and Managing Director, nRhythm

Meet and Greet Networking Flow

Breakout Face to Face Chat Rooms for Reflection

Regenerative Convergence: a Place-Based, Multi-Stakeholder Approach Panel

REGEN1 is an evidence-backed, place-based, market-driven model to rapidly accelerate the transition to more regenerative farming practices in Northern California. The program will help farmers and ranchers receive price premiums in reward for the benefits they generate, and will include incentives to assist conventional growers in transitioning to regenerative practices


Jonathan Kaplan, Global Sustainability Director, Compass at Google

Jessica Chiartas, PhD candidate in Soils and Biogeochemistry, UC Davis

Wendell Gilgert, Stewardship Ecologist, Point Blue Conservation Science

Anna Bohbot, Food & Beverage Program Manager, Bay Area LinkedIn

Doniga Markegard, Wildlife tracker, Regenerative rancher, Speaker, and Author

Pablo Muñoz Ledo, Creator of INTO

Anthony Myint, Co-Founder, Zero Foodprint and Mission Chinese Food

Chelsea Carey, Working Lands Research Director, Principal Soil Ecologist, Point Blue Conservation Science

Anne Digges, Principal and Owner, Digges Design

Philip Taylor, Co-founder, Mad Agriculture

Amy Brinker, Sustainability Manager at Kamehameha Schools

Moderator: Douglas Gayeton, Co-founder, The Lexicon

Summit Roundup 

Elizabeth Candelario, Summit Activator & Advisory Board, Regenerative Rising

Tre' Cates, Founder and Managing Director, nRhythm

Aprés Networking Meet & Greet

Wednesday Dec 2, 2020

Time Zones are in Mountain Time (MST)

Welcome and setting the context for our time together

Elizabeth Candelario, Summit Activator & Advisory Board, Regenerative Rising

Tre' Cates, Founder and Managing Director, nRhythm

Business as a Conduit for Change – a Regenerative Journey  Keynote & Q&A

Deanna Bratter, Senior Director of Public Benefit and Sustainable Development, Danone North America

How to create a Local Regenerative Textile System Regenerative Slam™ & Q&A

Krystle Moody Wood, Founder & Principal Consultant, Materevolve

Breakout Meet & Greet Session

How to Create a Local, Regenerative, and Equitable Supply Chain Regenerative Slam™ 

Jessie Deelo, Founder, Deelo Consulting

Equity in Ag -- Facing our Systemic Challenges Panel & Q&A 

Kelsey Ducheneaux, DX Beef, LLC, Cheyenne River Sioux Nation

Anna Jones-Crabtree, Owner, Vilicus Farms

Jesse Smith, Director of Land Stewardship, White Buffalo Land Trust

June & Angie Provost, Co-owner, Provost Farm

Rick Clark, Owner, Clark Land & Cattle

Moderator: Jessie Deelo, Founder, Deelo Consulting

Breakout Face to Face Chat Rooms for Reflection

CASE STUDY: From farm to Shelf - How To Bring a regenerative product to life

Erin Sojourner, VP of Brand Strategy + Innovation, HB Specialty Foods

Bill Day, VP Specialty Grains & Solutions, HB Specialty Foods

Martin Goter, Organic and Biodynamic Farmer

Jeremiah McElwee, Chief Merchandising Officer, Thrive Market

Summit Roundup for Impact

Elizabeth Candelario, Summit Activator & Advisory Board, Regenerative Rising

Tre' Cates, Founder and Managing Director, nRhythm

Aprés Networking Meet & Greet

“The insights we gained from the 2019 Regenerative Earth Summit inspired Nature's Crops to work with our grower partners to transition our focus from sustainable to regenerative practices for all our specialty crop contract production. Collectively this is about 10,000 acres of production, but as these practices become applied to the grower’s overall acreage, the total impact could well be in excess of 100,000 acres.”

– Andrew Hebard, President & CEO of Natures Crops International


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