November 6-7, 2017

Sustainability, Energy and Environment Complex,
University of Colorado, Boulder

Regenerative Earth Summit
Food + Climate + Culture

Regenerative Earth Summit
Food + Climate + Culture

“A truly regenerative agriculture is one in which all the natural resources we use to produce food get renewed in the process of using them.”
~ Fred Kirschenmann

Plan to participate in The Regenerative Earth Summit: Food + Climate + Culture in Boulder, Colorado, for two days with fellow influencers, innovators and leaders in the natural and organic food space, regenerative agriculture movement, soil carbon sequestration community, farmers, investors, local food and civic leaders to work across sectors to build strategies and story-telling that drive adoption of practical, regenerative agriculture methods in our food system.

re·gen·er·a·tion  rəˌjenəˈrāSH(ə)n/

Regeneration is the process of renewal, and restoration that makes life and ecosystems resilient to natural fluctuations or events that cause disturbance or damage. Regenerative concepts take sustainability to the next level, moving from ‘doing less bad’ to actually ‘doing good’ for people and planet.

Why The Summit

Soil is a powerful solution to creating more nutritious food and sequestrating carbon.

At the Regenerative Earth Summit, we will co-create an ecosystem of peers across multiple disciplines. Together, we’ll work to discover and devise how we can meaningfully collaborate in service to our shared vision of a vibrant, regenerative and health affirming food system world-wide that nourishes our communities, protects our natural resources and mitigates the effects of climate change.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

Who’s Coming

At the Epicenter is bringing visionary food industry and nonprofit leadership, farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, activists, and academics together to deep dive in a Summit experience designed for the robust flow of ideas, a shared sense of purpose, and the fostering of collaborative relationships. Together we can empower the food industry and its many stakeholders to bring about necessary change to the agriculture system by focusing on enhancing the health of soil for carbon draw down. Let’s begin the restoration of our relationship to soil and all the life that depends on it.

If you are bold, passionate and willing to be a catalyst for change — this event welcomes YOU.

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Set up for Marketplace of Ideas 
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Opening Ceremony

Mindfulness Practice lead by Greg Burdulis, 21st Century Monk


Keynote via LiveStream from Hazel Henderson, President, Ethical Markets – Author, futurist, writer and evolutionary economist, Hazel is a wealth of thought provoking information that inspires action for climate prosperity and ethical principles in business.

Building a Path to Regenerative Food and Farming

Plenary Panel Roundtable

Phil Graves, Sr. Director, Corporate Development, Patagonia
Daniela Ibarra-Howell, Co-founder/CEO, Savory Institute
Tom Newmark, Co-founder, The Carbon Underground
Timothy LaSalle, Ph.D., Co-founder, Regenerative Agriculture Institute, Chico State
Alisa Gravitz, Executive Director, Green America
Elizabeth Candelario, President, Demeter USA

Moderator: Seleyn DeYarus, Executive Director, At the Epicenter

Let’s Take a Short Break

Building Regenerative Markets Starts at the Farm

Plenary Panel Roundtable

Mark Guttridge, Ollin Family Farms, Longmont, CO
Les Szabo, Director of Constructive Capital, Dr. Bronner’s
Mark Shepard, CEO, Forest Agriculture Enterprises
Katie Forrest, Co-founder/CEO, Epic Provisions
Marc Ian Barasch, CEO, Green World Ventures
Victoria Keziah, Managing Director, Land to Market Strategic Initiative, Savory Institute

Moderator: Nova Sayers, Senior Manager Business Development, NSF

Small Group Strategy Session

Working groups aligned with panel conversation topics

Enjoy a Healthy Lunch

​Explore the Marketplace of Ideas

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A Purposeful Pause

An experiential practice lead by Ralph Freelink, Transformative Coach, Amsterdam, NL

Transforming Supply Chains to Regenerative Supply Webs

Plenary Panel Roundtable

Greg Fleishman, Co-Founder/COO, Foodstirs
Scott Marcus, VP Marketing, Vital Farms
Rebecca Hamilton, Co-owner and VP of Research & Development, Badger Company
Kyle Garner, CEO, Organic India USA
Sara Newmark, VP Social Impact, MegaFood

Moderator: Gregory Landua, Co-founder, Terra Genesis International

Let’s Take a Short Break

Policy for Supporting Carbon Farming

Plenary Panel Roundtable

Claudine Schneider, former US Congresswoman from Rhode Island
Mark Lipson, Senior Policy and Program Specialist, Organic Farming Research Foundation
Aria McLauchlan, Co-founder, Land Core USA
Larry Kopald, Co-founder/President, The Carbon Underground
Lisa Stokke, Founder/Executive Director, Next 7
Calla Rose Ostrander, Independent Consultant

Moderator: Richard Eidlin, American Sustainable Business Council

Small Group Strategy Session

Working groups aligned with panel conversation topics

Synthesizing the Day

This session will allow sharing from table groups with all participants
Guided by Tré Cates and Seleyn DeYarus

Regenerative Earth Reception & Celebration

(For Summit Registrants Only)

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Speaker Line Up

Check out our AMAZING line up of world class speakers!

Hazel Henderson

Hazel Henderson D.Sc.Hon., FRSA, is the founder of Ethical Markets Media LLC and the creator and co-executive ...

John Foraker

John Foraker recently left his role as President of Annie’s, Inc. and is a co-founder and CEO of Once Upon ...

Aria McLauchlan

Aria McLauchlan is a social impact and environmental communications consultant and the co-founder of Land Core ...

Alisa Gravitz

For thirty years, Alisa Gravitz has led Green America, the national green economy organization. Green America develops  ...

Robyn O’Brien

A former financial and food industry analyst, Robyn O’Brien has been called “food’s Erin Brockovich” by the New York  ...

Elizabeth Candelario

Environmental and social advocate Elizabeth Candelario is President of Demeter USA, the nation’s only certifier of Biodynamic farms ...

Phil Graves

As head of corporate development, Phil reports to Patagonia’s CEO and plays a significant role in investments, innovation, ...

Tom Newmark

Tom Newmark spent fourteen years in the natural products industry, helping to build New Chapter into a premier brand in ...

Tina Owens

Tina Owens is Sr. Director, Agriculture for Danone North America and has worked in supply chain for 18 years, holding ...

Daniela Ibarra-Howell

A native Argentinean, born and raised in Buenos Aires, Daniela is an agronomist by profession and holds a MS in ...

Katherine DiMatteo

Katherine DiMatteo is the Executive Director of the Sustainable Food Trade Association as of November 2013...

Greg Fleishman

Fleishman has created and grown some of the world’s largest and most successful brands during his 20-year career – launching ...

Britt Lundgren

Britt Lundgren is the Director of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture at Stonyfield, an organic yogurt company based ...

Katie Forrest

Katie is the Co-Founder and Chief of EPIC Provisions, a company specializing in creating nutrient dense meat based superfoods ...

Woody Tasch

Woody Tasch is the Founder and Chairman of the Slow Money Institute and author of Soil: Notes Towards the Theory and ...

Calla Rose Ostrander

Calla Rose Ostrander is a Climate Change Innovations Advisor to individuals and organizations dedicated to stabilizing Earth’s ...

Timothy LaSalle, Ph.D.

Since 2007 Dr. Timothy J. LaSalle has championed his science-based hope for a regenerative food system that will mitigate climate ...

Rebecca Hamilton

Rebecca Hamilton is an owner and the co-CEO at Badger in Gilsum, New Hampshire. She oversees new product innovation from ...

Marc Ian Barasch

In 2006, Marc Ian Barasch founded one of the pioneering organizations of the global regeneration movement, the Green World ...

Steve Farrell

Steve Farrell is the Worldwide Executive Director for Humanity’s Team, a global grassroots spiritual movement focused on ...

Vince Siciliano

As President and CEO, Vince Siciliano leads New Resource Bank, a certified B Corporation, in serving values-driven companies ...

Nova Sayers

Nova Sayers is passionate about building integrity, health and sustainability in our food & agriculture system – in a way ...

Sara Newmark

Sara Newmark is VP of Social Impact for Foodstate and MegaFood products. Leading the development of FoodState’s ...

Finian Makepeace

Finian co-founded Kiss The Ground because for the first time in his life he saw that there was a solution to climate change, food insecurity, ...

Tracy Miedema

As Vice President of Innovation and Brand Development, Tracy Miedema heads up innovation at Presence Marketing, the nation’s ...

Steve Savage

As former founder and CEO of Eco-Products, Steve has been instrumental in increasing awareness of environmental ...

Steve Hughes

Steve Hughes is a pioneer in the natural and organic food and beverage industry with over 35 years of experience. ...

Mila Popovich, Ph.D.

MILA POPOVICH, Ph.D., is the founder of EVOLvED Leadership – educational program, practice and community for transformational ...

Keith Paustian, Ph.D.

Keith Paustian is University Distinguished Professor at Colorado State University, in the Department of Soil and Crop ...

Walt Freese

Walt Freese has served as the CEO, or President of three iconic businesses that have each played an important role ...

Scott Marcus

Scott Marcus is the VP Marketing for Vital Farms, the largest producer of pasture-raised eggs. He has spent the past ...

Mark Shepard

Mark Shepard is the CEO of Forest Agriculture Enterprises LLC and founder of Restoration Agriculture Development. He runs New Forest ...

Dan Kittredge

Dan Kittredge has been an organic farmer for more than 30 years, and is the founder and executive director of ...

Brook Eddy

An interest in community development and a passion for travel led Brook Eddy to India in 2002 to research a ...

Kyle Garner

Kyle Garner is the CEO of Organic India USA. Organic India is a leading mission-driven manufacturer of herb-based wellness teas ...

Seleyn DeYarus

Seleyn DeYarus sees business as uniquely qualified to provide regenerative contributions to the vibrancy of communities and ecosystems in collaboration ...

Les Szabo

Les is currently Director of Constructive Capital at Dr. Bronner’s. He oversees business development activities for the ...

Mark Guttridge

As a child, Mark Guttridge lived a typical country kid’s life on his grandmother’s 6 acres of land off of ...

Richard Eidlin

Richard is the Vice President for Policy and co-founder of the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), which ...

Eric Pierce

Eric is a strategic marketing and market research professional who brings business management experience and consumer ...

Gregory Landua

Gregory’s passion for creating healthy relationships through trade and agriculture has lead him on a journey to explore all phases ...

Mark Lipson

Mark’s 35-year career spans the vanguard of the organic movement including: the early UCSantaCruz Agroecology Program ...

Lisa Stokke

Lisa Stokke has been a lifetime advocate for healthy food systems and through this commitment co-founded Food Democracy Now! ...

Ralph Freelink

Ralph Freelink is an executive coach and transformation leader from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
He is also the founder of the ...

Steve Hoffman

Steve serves as Founder and Managing Director of Compass Natural, a full-service public relations, marketing, brand ...

David Haynes

Dave Haynes has served as Managing Director for Greenmont Capital Partners II since its inception in 2008. Greenmont ...

Sara Harper

Sara has been described by friends as “a force of nature.” She is a passionate advocate for great ideas and great people — and ...

Victoria Keziah

Victoria Kindred Keziah is a twenty-five year strategist with a proven history of building businesses from the bottom up...

Robin Alfred

Robin Alfred, BA (Oxon), PGCE, M.Phil (Cantab) is an organizational consultant, facilitator, trainer and executive ...

Greg Burdulis

From Cave to Corporate America, Greg Burdulis is a mindfulness teacher and certified professional coach. He specializes in ...

Claudine Schneider

Former (R) US House of Representative from Rhode Island, Claudine is an enlightened leader in Climate, Energy, Environment ...

Kate Dillon Levin

Kate Dillon Levin is the VP of Marketing for North America at Ecosphere+, a venture founded by the award winning Althelia ...

Jeff Herrick

Jeff Herrick is a soil scientist USDA-ARS in Las Cruces, New Mexico and holds adjunct faculty appointments at NMSU and ...




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Travel & Accommodation

We encourage you to use public transportation from DIA (Denver International Airport) to Boulder. If you take the express bus from DIA it arrives at Downtown Boulder Transit Center. If you are staying at the Hilton Garden Inn, it is a short ride from the bus station. If you are staying at the Hotel Boulderado, it is walkable.